It’s been a hard couple of weeks

Ber on a Bike


Dear Reader,
I thought I posted this post last week. I clearly did not. Here is a slightly outdated yet relevant post, from my finer tips to your heart. 

– Joseph


Two weeks ago my bike was stolen. I’m sorry that sentence was a little to passive. Let me try again. Two weeks ago some scumbag stole my bike, and if I ever find them, they will not walk again.

I don’t generally don’t get attached to material possessions. I’m no monk. I have a favorite pair of jeans. I really like books. Losing things you are used to sucks. But when I can’t find my awesome vintage tie I shrug and move on. A friend of mine takes this to a whole other level: when someone says they really liked her earrings, or her necklace, she would offer it to them, even push it on them. That is some awesome home training if you ask me.

So back to this scumbag and my bike. My bike is the possession I’ve had longer than any other, and for large swaths of my life over the course of the last 12 years I spent long and intimate hours with it, and I loved every second of it. It is the one possession I spent a lot of money on, and invested in over time.

So that sucked.

Then yesterday, against my better judgement, against my own nerdy schedule, against the warnings of my over taxed central nervous system, I went to the gym. I felt exactly the way I felt the last time I threw my back out, but I went for it anyway. On the last rep of my first set of squats, I felt the tweak. I put the bar in the rack and walked straight out of the weight room. Today I am laying on a heating pad with pillows under my legs.

So the last couple of weeks, not so great.

But if I am going to take any of my own medicine. I will stay focused on the long haul. I will try and learn a lesson or two from a crappy couple of days. I will stand back up and  move forward.

This medicine sucks.

[Editor’s Note – A group of friends collected money for me to get a new bike, thanks! And a few days after my back going out I went cross country skiing in Vermont for two days with my buddy from Milo and the Calf. This medicine rocks!]


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Six Pack Abs – Part 2


Thank all of you readers out there. In my post on Tuesday I said, “like you, I am a lazy moron.”  That post lead to the highest trafficked day in the history of my blog, 3 visitors. You all are the best!

Now into today’s post.

Today is Seanv2’s, from Milo and the Calf, birthday.

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Six Pack Abs!


I walked home from the climbing gym last night. It was cold. Very cold.  The wind was an icey fist battering me from all directions. I was miserable.

Half-way home while I waited to cross an intersection I ducked into a big chain vitamin store on the corner. I needed more vitamin C. As soon as I was through the doors brightly colored containers of whey, creatine, weight gainer, cut formulas, lifting due, deer antler velvet spray, and all sorts of other miracles in plastic jugs called to me.

I was dumbstruck. I was dazed.

I zombie walked towards the shelves of containers promising me easy power, strength, and a hot body.

It would all be mine! I could have so much sex! I would be popular! Money would flow into my bank account!

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Look Ma, No Hands!


To be alive means to be possessed by an urge toward self-display which answers the fact of one’s own appearingness,” and “…whatever can see wants to be seen, whatever can hear calls out to be heard, whatever can touch presents itself to be touched.”
-Hannah Arendt, The Life of the Mind: Vols 1& 2. 

I work out because it feels great while I am doing it. It feels great to be able to do things as a result of working out like: sprint for the subway when I am late,  play tag with my friends’s kids, go for a hike in the wonderful New York summer, enjoy a bike ride between bars on a Saturday night, look the way I want to look – naked.  All that and I am nerd for it.

But sometimes, when I finish a particularly heavy set of squats or send a difficult problem on the wall, I want someone to say – Good Fucking Job!

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Make your damn bed!

I wish I had these sheets.... mom?

I wish I had these sheets…. Mom?

My room is a mess. Sure it is only Tuesday and I had all this time over the weekend to pick up. BUT I had to squat, I had to climb, I had to read a book, I had to get drinks with friends….blah blah blah.

When my room is a mess it takes me longer to get dressed, I can’t find my clothes. It is harder for me to post to this blog because there is no where for me to sit down and write. Really, it is hard for me to focus, it is one more thing taking up space in my mind, and my peripheral vision. Continue reading

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You are special!

I woke up today with a smile on my face. It was a climbing day. While I fried my eggs and brewed my coffee I daydreamed about squeezing my feet into my climbing shoes, stepping up to the wall and sending some problems. So what it is cold here in Brooklyn. So what the gym would be crowded with little kids running around underneath climbers. So what I have to work later in the day, even though it is Sunday.


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It started when the Israeli Army shot at me

keep calm

I got the idea when the Israeli Army was shooting at me. Ok, they weren’t just shooting at me, they were shooting at me, two Swedes, and a Palestinian.

I need to get better at running.

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