Six Pack Abs – Part 2


Thank all of you readers out there. In my post on Tuesday I said, “like you, I am a lazy moron.”  That post lead to the highest trafficked day in the history of my blog, 3 visitors. You all are the best!

Now into today’s post.

Today is Seanv2’s, from Milo and the Calf, birthday.

Seanv2 is a nerd for numbers and metrics. Let’s give him a gift and make this his highest trafficked day ever!  GO HERE NOW!

Beyond being my best friend, and my adopted brother, Seanv2 is also one of the best running and climbing buddy a nerd like me can have. We get along so well because we we revel in suffering as a path to meeting out training goals, and when we revel together it is fun as hell.

Besides being a workout junkie Seanv2 is also smart as hell.  He reads like he’s trying to get stars on his calendar over summer vacation in third grade.  He is a true organic intelectual, makes a great brisket, and will tell you when you are being an idiot.

Get to know this guy, read his blog, Milo and the Calf.

And Seanv2, don’t say I never got you anything.


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An occasional reader, an occasional writer, an occasional podcast producer, an occasional strategist.
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