Make your damn bed!

I wish I had these sheets.... mom?

I wish I had these sheets…. Mom?

My room is a mess. Sure it is only Tuesday and I had all this time over the weekend to pick up. BUT I had to squat, I had to climb, I had to read a book, I had to get drinks with friends….blah blah blah.

When my room is a mess it takes me longer to get dressed, I can’t find my clothes. It is harder for me to post to this blog because there is no where for me to sit down and write. Really, it is hard for me to focus, it is one more thing taking up space in my mind, and my peripheral vision.

But there is a simple thing I can do to calm the storm of my messy room: make my bed.

That’s right. All it takes is about 30 seconds to spread my sheets and blankets out. My room settles a little. And sometimes that little bit is all I can do.

Today I was supposed to squat (I love squatting). But I have work (Obama will announce his immigration policy platform today, and I have to know what to tell people what to say about it).

There is no way I will be able to work out today. None. And rather than lament, and stress out I did something simple, I made my bed, metaphorically.

Sometimes all I can do is a quick and simple thing that isn’t everything I need, but gives me enough to be ok with it.

This morning my workout-bed-making took the form of 78 pushups and a solid 10 minutes of stretching. This isn’t close to squatting 200 pounds or doing intervals on the rower. But it also isn’t just sitting on my ass.

There is no excuse… Just make your damn bed!



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4 Responses to Make your damn bed!

  1. seanv2 says:

    Wait, I’m confused, did you actually make your real, physical bed?

  2. celeste says:

    “78 push ups and a whole lot of stretching” that’s some hefty Martha Stewart on steroids ‘bed making.’ Good job!
    That would be like me moving all the furniture in my bedroom around the room twice by myself. I can’t imagine what you call working out for real. Even though you describe it I can’t really imagine it. I did make my bed already today and now I’m going to the gym to pretend to workout. I think I’ll go around the circuit 2X’s instead of one today. Thanks for the motivation!

    • MM says:

      I realized after I posted this that there isn’t a good comparison to my actual workouts. I will outline that later this week.

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