You are special!

I woke up today with a smile on my face. It was a climbing day. While I fried my eggs and brewed my coffee I daydreamed about squeezing my feet into my climbing shoes, stepping up to the wall and sending some problems. So what it is cold here in Brooklyn. So what the gym would be crowded with little kids running around underneath climbers. So what I have to work later in the day, even though it is Sunday.


I’ve been climbing in the gym for a year. My goal was to be climbing V3s consistently after a year. And here I am climbing V3s (although out in the world where bouldering takes place with small mats, and rocky holds I climb more like V0 and V1). I can feel the improvement when I stick a hold that 6 months ago I wouldn’t dream of even touching. I come off the wall ecstatic, tired, and ready to climb some more.

Then I see videos like the one above, of small children sending problems I would be lucky to approach at some point in my life. Rather then feel bad I get excited. The potential for the human body to do things previously not even conceived of, let alone thought of as impossible, is exhilarating and stunning.

Sure I am only climbing v3s. Sure I am older and there is only so far I will be able to improve before my overall strength and fitness starts the slow decline with age. But the path to improvements is so much fun. And watching climbers like Brooke Raboutou is so inspiring.

For me it isn’t about how good I am compared to the 10 year old next to me on the wall, it is how good I am compared to how I was yesterday.


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