The Marathon Cometh!!! – the roundup

Meb wins again, but do New Yorkers?

Dear Readers,
I apologize that I have been absent for the last few days. You know Hurricane Sandy, and work has had the better of my time. This absence, to my horror has meant I missed a great opportunity to expand readership of this fabulous blog by wading into the debate about the NYC Marathon, scheduled for Sunday.

But to make up for it I pulled together a mini-round-up on the marathon debate (see below). But really I want to know what you think, post your comments or for longer opinion pieces email me at josephthomasphelan (a)

I didn’t have an opinion about this when I started pulling this post together.  But now I think the marathon should be cancelled, and for all those people with non-refundable tickets to NYC and a desire to see the city, well put on some work gloves and start helping out, your cancelled marathon is simply a first world problem.

While I do think the whole thing should be canceled or rescheduled, I do not judge, or am I angry at the runners who will run it. I may even be out there cheering, and volunteering with some relief efforts.

The round-up:

Milo and the Calf – My buddy, a really good guy and dedicated runner, is of mixed minds about the race, and is balancing his love of running, the desire to see New York be tough, and the desire to see a fair recovery.

Dave Zirin, blogging at the, says it is unbelievable to hold the marathon, and in fact the decision to do so exposes the deep inequality in New York City.

The NYT reports that Bloomberg and Mary Wittenberg, chief executive of New York Road Runners,  want the race to go on, with Wittenberg using it as an opportunity to jump start a donation effort to aid in relief ($1 million from NYRR).

Brooklyn Magazine calls for the expected 40,000 runners to spend the time it would take them to finish the race volunteering instead of running.

Filip Bondy, of the New York Post, says the whole notion that holding the marathon to show we are an unstoppable city is crap and really the marathon will continue because it is a pain in the neck to reschedule and it businesses invested in it would lose money.

The Gothamist reports the redirection of generators to the marathon that could be used in recovery efforts.


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One Response to The Marathon Cometh!!! – the roundup

  1. seanv2 says:

    Thanks for the link love. Look at this point it is clear the marathon will not be cancelled. It is happening. I fear that those running it, who have trained for months and months, traveled here, and have spent loads of money in New York will now bear the brunt of some New Yorkers frustrations. That worries me.

    I think one can disagree with NYRR’s decision to hold the race without blaming those who run it.

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