Sandy Reflection: The sky is falling and other fatal mistakes of the left

The team here at MM has suspended our obsession with all things physical training and politics for the last day or so.

Instead we turned to the consumption of terrifying news media, and answering text messages from friends far and wide watching the same terrifying news media who wanted to make sure we were not swept into the ocean or eaten by all consuming zombies rising from the muck of the over-flowing Gowanus Canal.

In observing this news media we noticed a scary thing: you gotta blame somebody.

For example: after going for a 5 mile run through Prospect Heights, Park Slope and the edge of Gowanus (I had to see the hurricane induced zombies for myself) I came home last night and turned out New York 1, the metropolitan areas number one information source. The host of the show was discussing the collapse of the front of a Chelsea building with one of the City Commissioners. The commissioner started out by saying – I was just there, the building was full of tourists, this looks like it was an illegal hotel, this is why we need to get rid of illegal hotels they are dangerous. 

Hold on. Wait a second. The front of the building collapsed because the owner didn’t get a license to convert the building into a hotel, not because of the category storm raging through New York?


We are finding a lot of leftists up early and on the internet, the day after Hurricane Sandy has done insane amounts of damage for millions of people up and down the eastern seaboard. These early risers have their slogans all wound up and ready to go. Guess who we are blaming today… no really… take a guess…. the climate crisis (OMG the sky is literally falling).

Beyond this we are seeing people very angry that this storm, because it affected more white folks then people of color, as compared to Hurricane Katrina (I want to see the numbers on this), will spark more of a conversation about climate change than the aforementioned city killer.

I (the fearless leader of the MM team) am angry when I see this stuff.  I am not angry because I disagree, in fact I mostly do agree.

I am angry because I am also reading about an electrical fire that burned down 50 houses in Queens, the evacuation of 200 patients from Tisch Hospital, power outages (which equals danger for vulnerable populations including prisoners) for hundreds-of-thousands of people, and a text from my mom telling me about trees falling on her house (that’s right the house my single-white-used-to-be-working-class mom bought by her lonesome – mom if you are reading this holler at your son, let me know you are ok –ed. note –  mom called she is good, house still in danger from dangling tre).

When I read all of this I get sad, scared, and heavy hearted.  I think of what I can do to help. I need a moment to feel these things, to respond in a human way, to take care of my neighbor regardless of who is to blame for what just happened.

I need just one moment.

The left would be better served by providing people a way to have this moment, rather then jump right into making bumper stickers.

The problem is the left uses the same slogans over and over regardless of conditions and regardless of if they are right or wrong, genuine, or disingenuous. It is almost funny, the predictability of it. We are a parody of ourselves.

While I understand the need to take advantage of moments where masses of people are thinking about things all at once, and when there is an opening for a shift in consciousness, the left (as I said above) could do in showing some heart and authenticity.


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3 Responses to Sandy Reflection: The sky is falling and other fatal mistakes of the left

  1. karlos says:

    I have to say, I agree with Joseph here. Now is not the time to score political points by pulling out the old slogans. Now is the time to regain our humanity and authenticity by building with our friends and neighbors.

  2. celeste says:

    Hi Joe,
    I’m still standing.
    Yes it’s time to connect with heart!
    Love Mom

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