Columbus Day

From Fred Klonsky, my favorite renegade public school teacher in Chicago. Click the image to check out his great blog.

I had grand visions of writing you, my three readers, and amazing post about Columbus and the “discovery” of “America.” I grew up in New York public schools. I was taught all about the hero, Columbus, and his treacherous yet visionary journey across the ocean, his accidental discovery of America, and then the continued adventures of the Pilgrims, on through westward expansion etc.

Now for a good correcting of history check out Lies My Teacher Told Me or A People’s history of the United States.

My post, in it’s brillance would look at the adventure, particularly the sense of adventure in particular outdoor “sports” and how this is tied to larger myths and narratives of adventure and greatness. I was going to look at race and adventure.

But… well I didn’t. Instead I am off for some adventure.


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