Sunday Morning Pirate

It is Sunday morning. When I woke up at 8 am the sun was out and the sky was blue. Now it is grey with the threat of rain. While this weather should keep me huddled in my bed,  nursing a mild hangover I am up and about to be out, to the climbing gym.

In a week I head to Bishop, California, a bouldering holy land. It looks like god (if there really was one) dropped giant boulders from his hands and salted the earth of Bishop.

I can’t wait. That trip is the reason for me hitting the gym, to work on some skills and continue to build the stamina I will need for 6 days of climbing OUTSIDE!

So, for you, my three dear readers, I give you a pirated post from Milo and the Calf, the Friday inspiration post all about limits – one of my favorite topics. Check it our here. 


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An occasional reader, an occasional writer, an occasional podcast producer, an occasional strategist.
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