Beans – This is for you Jessica!

When I posted the Movement Movement 30 Day Challenge on Monday, and shared to Facebook, and friend asked, “but what is wrong with beans?”

I punted the question. Facebook is a short form medium, and I figured saying something like “They are bad,” just wouldn’t cut it.

So, today, on this beautiful Saturday, before I even drink my coffee and head to the climbing gym (yes, that is how much I care) I refer you, my dear three readers, to the Whole 9 and their explanations of why legumes should be avoided.

I agree with the authors of the Whole 9 when they say in their new book, It Starts With Food, that food is not just a fuel for our body. It also has a cultural, emotional, and psychological impact on our lives. In determining what is “good” to eat and what is “bad” to eat all of these things should come into consideration.


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