The Thirty Day Challenge

I’m back from a weekend of beer, sandwiches, desserts, and lots of drunken dancing (as well as befouling a poor wedding photo booth). My gut is a mess, my sleep was terrible last night, and my lifts were rough this morning.  I am primed to start the Movement Movement Dirty Thirty Day Challenge.

This challenge is not for someone training for a competition or a physical challenge (I am looking at all you NYC marathon people), you all need special sports and performance nutrition.  This is for the rest of us: people who want to jumpstart their fitness, recommit to their fitness, try something new for the sake of health and wellness, or just want a change.

This challenge is general and thus the guideline are very general. This generalization may not work for everyone all of the time (especially specialized athletes) but looking at health statistics in this country, 30 days on this challenge will help most people feel a whole lot better.

The rules –

Rule 1 – Make your commitments.

Rule 2 – Post a comment here each day with how your commitments are going.

The Challenge – October 1 – October 30
Eat – 
We will follow the Whole 30 template for the eating guidelines of this challenge, check it out here. (BTW I am reading their book and I recommend it to anyone interested in paleo/primal eating).

Sleep – 7 – 9 hours of sleep a night. Yes, I know we are all so busy, and some of us have some more legit reasons for not sleeping than the rest of us (kids, two jobs etc as opposed to frantic late night okcupid profile checking). So if this is not realistic, tell me what is for you in the comments. But set something that will force you to get at least a little more rest.

Work Out – Work out a minimum of three days a week. I dont care what you do, just make it challenging for you. If you currently do nothing, go for a walk three days a week, if you currently run 10 miles three days a week, keep it up. You know you more then I do.

That is it, that is the challenge. Start it today and post to comments, let me know how it goes.


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5 Responses to The Thirty Day Challenge

  1. MM says:

    Today is going well so far: Bfast – three eggs, cucumber – tomato- acocado salad with olive oil. handful of strawberries. Black coffee, bcaa, glutamine, animal pak.

  2. MM says:

    lunch is about to be – 1 American tyle Kobe Beef Burger from Trader Joe’s – 660 calories (holy shit) 56g of fat, 0 carbs, 35g of protein, um wow.

    and a handful of olive oil sautéed artichoke hearts.

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  4. la franca says:

    I’m in! Interested in trying using the Whole30 template, have done paleo in the past Rob Wolf style. We’ll see how it goes.

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