The 30 Day Challenge Cometh

My alarm went off at 6:30. It was abrupt. I had just rolled over at 4:30 and gone back to sleep, it felt like five minutes. I shut the alarm down and for a moment thought about my current commitment, sleep 7-9 hours a night during the week, and if training gets in the way, choose sleep.

I did the math foggy headed, and figured it was 7 hours last night. But I still didn’t want to get up. I just didn’t. So I did.

I had a commitment to get to the gym, because that is the gift I give myself most days.

On this idea of commitment, get ready for the Movement Movement 30 day challenge. It will ber fully announced on Friday, but it will include commitments around:




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An occasional reader, an occasional writer, an occasional podcast producer, an occasional strategist.
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