I’m Alive!!!!

The other day my dear friend and buddy in most things workout related (check out his meditations on the journey of life here) asked me what’s up with Movement Movement.  When I asked him if I should revive it he said a resounding yes!

So here I am, sitting on a late evening Amtrak train from Washington DC to my re-newly beloved home New York City. And of course while I sit on the train my laptop is open I am wrestling with the spotty Amtrak wi-fi to so I can look at working-out websites. And as I sit here I stress a little because I want this train to be on time, so I can go home, so I can get to bed so I can wake up early tomorrow and head to the gym and lift some weights.

Since I last left this blog I also left my life in Miami doing communications for a small regionally based racial justice organization and working out 6 days a week at a Crossfit gym that I was a part of starting and training people in my free time, to doing communications for a national progressive campaign and working out at a Crunch, a climbing gym, running long distances, and writing workout plans for my close friends.

Yes, a lot has changed, as has some of my thinking about working out, social change work, and how to actually leave this world better then I found it.

But some things have remained the same: people still ask me for advice on diet, working out, and how to get fit. It also continues to dominate a lot of my thinking, and hugely influence how I spend my free time.

I don’t know what this blog will do, and unlike my working out and my movement work, I am really resisting charting it out and setting a goal. Instead I will leave it to organically unfold but you can bet it will be half working out related, half politics, and half meditations on life in general.

Welcome back all three of you, my readers.


About JTP

An occasional reader, an occasional writer, an occasional podcast producer, an occasional strategist.
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