The Rainy Day WOD

It is raining in Miami a lot these days. So stay inside and try this one on for size:

Warm Up
25 Jumping Jacks
Squat Hold (at the bottom) 10 seconds
10 Squats
10 Pushups

100 Push Ups
100 Squats
For Time.

Break them up however you need to,  just get it all done.


  • Always push yourself to re-imagine what is possible.
  • Fitness is so tied to how you eat and how you live. Check out these urban homesteaders, trying to live sustainably in the wilds of L.A.
  • 99 Ways to save money and eat healthy.

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An occasional reader, an occasional writer, an occasional podcast producer, an occasional strategist.
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One Response to The Rainy Day WOD

  1. kim says:

    thanks for the 99 ways to save money list. I’m starting with #99. Henry’s joining me.

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