WOD 5.28.09

Warm Up
Run 1/4 Mile

3 Pull Ups
6 Push ups
9 Squats
20 minutes as many rounds as you can.

Pigeon Pose
Lying Glut Ham
Calf Stretch

News and Notes:


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6 Responses to WOD 5.28.09

  1. steve says:

    did it. modified for technical reasons – no pull up bar at the moment and the playground was swamped with little kids.

    i ran half a mile as a warm up

    5 chair presses (or whatever its called when you lower yourself down to the ground and then push up. palms on chair, legs straight out, butt not touching ground)
    6 pushups
    9 squats

    i did 8 reps. not feeling very strong today.
    also, i give up easy. the workouts with set numbers of things to do are do for me – i need external discipline.

    also started tracking my caloric intake on dailyplate again. am looking at around 2K calories a day to loose 1lb a week. not sure of my weight right now, but my pants are a little tight.


    • JP says:

      keep that discipline up. its you vs you. Really the only thing that will keep you moving is you and your desires (fitness, overall health, aesthetics, etc). Stay on it and you will lose that weight.

  2. kim says:

    Did not feel motivated today but after some hemming and hawing I did 2 sets of 10 push ups on the stability ball, 2 sets of 10 squats, 2 sets of 20 crunches on stability ball with a 6lb medicine ball overhead and 20 twists with stability ball in outstretched arms. I was glad I did it and worked up a little sweat.

    Today I was in Publix and decided on Tilapia instead of a filet of steak b/c I was remembering your posting on omega 3.

    Am about to make a great cabbage salsa with jalapeno and red onion to accompany as a side.

    Buen provecho.

    • JP says:

      sounds tasty. talipia is good, but if it is farmed raise you might run into the same omeg3/omega6 imbalances. I think it is worth taking some fish oil!

  3. mica says:

    so i did 25 rounds. and it felt great.

    • JP says:

      good work. You should have done regular cindy. This was just a modified version. You know you can do that work out.

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