Friday Recipe

Sorry to all you vegetarians out there. I am very interested in fish oil lately and the role an unbalance omega6:omega3 ratio can really mess us up.

Get more info here:

Anyway today’s recipe is looking to fish for inspiration. It is right out of the pages of the Paleo Update.

Fish in a Parcel
by Nell Stephenson              

You may be more familiar with the traditional name fish
en papillote, and may feel daunted at the idea of
preparing it. In actuality, it's a dish that I find
extremely simple to prepare, although the presentation
will lead your guests to believe you've spent hours
slaving away over a hot stove!

Using a mandolin, slice carrots and leeks into
matchstick pieces. This is also done easily by hand; it
just takes slightly longer.  I'd suggest using a 6 - 8
oz (raw weight) piece of fish per person, and I'd go
with halibut, salmon, sea bass or cod, although you can
certainly choose another fish!  For each piece of fish
you're preparing, cut a 12" piece of parchment paper. 
Place a mound of the veggies in the center of each piece
of paper and season with pepper and a touch of olive
oil.  Pat the fish fillets dry with a paper towel and
season with pepper and olive oil as well (for the
athletes out there, you can also add a touch of kosher
salt).  Place another 12" piece of parchment on top and
fold the edges of the two pieces together, sealing the
veggies and fish inside.  I found it helped to add a
layer of foil on the bottom, under the paper, to keep
the edges tight together.

Cook in a pre-heated oven at 425 degrees for about 15
minutes (in which time you can steam up some fresh
broccoli), top with some fresh parsley and serve right
away!  Remove the fish and veggies in one step with a
flat, wide spatula, and slide it right onto a plate.
You'll wow yourself with how lovely it looks: right out
of the pages of a gourmet food magazine!

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