Sugar, Swine Flu, and Social Justice

The swine flu hype is a little crazy. I am of the mind that because it has a name it is easier to freak out about it. It makes me think of the panic that strikes when a serial killer comes around. They are both things to worry about. But similar to swine flu and “regular flu” serial killers only strike a very very small percent of the population, while tens of thousands more die of work related injuries every year (that’s right your boss is a bigger killer than Bundy).

You are more likely to dies of a chronic disease of ‘civilization’ or a capitalists neglect than you are of swine flu.

But there is hope, just as we build collective power to fight against injustice the work place, you can build your body’s ability to fight off disease and infection.

Here is a great article about sugar and your immune system.

I can attest to personal experience with this. I recently got bronchitis after breaking a sweets fast with a day of binged birthday celebration (which was worth it for my other sweety). The sugar attack hit my already edgy immune system that had been weakened by lack of good sleep and heavy workouts.

There is a trend in social justice movements in the U.S. today to talk about self care. People talk about mental health, emotional health, and spiritual health. It is time to really start looking at the whole picture. Physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health. What we eat impacts our physical, emotional, and mental health. What we eat is also very much steeped in culture, comfort, history and community.

It is time to find the balance between healthy food choices and cultural comfort, not to mention our budgets.


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