Work out of the day

So considering this blog is for people engaged in building social justice movements who also want to be healthy and fit I will start posting work outs of the day (WOD). These workouts are inspired by my own training and certification as a Crossfit trainer. I am assuming everyone is pretty busy so these will be 15 – 30 minutes. Doing this level activity 5 – 7 days a week can have significant positive impacts on your health (more on this in later posts). They will also use minimal equipment.

WOD 4.30.09
Warm up
20 jumping jacks
5 lunges per leg without weight
3 push ups or modified with your knees on the ground

Do this circuit three times at a moderate pace to get your heart rate up and your muscles warm.


Do as many rounds as possible (amrap) in 10 minutes of
10 Squats
5 Push ups
10 sit ups
5 tuck jumps

You should do this workout as fast as possible while attempting to maintain good form. Rest where you need to in the ten minutes, but don’t over rest. A good strategy for resting is counting to five, or counting three breathes or five breaths. By the end of ten minutes you should be pretty wasted.

Stretch – 5 minutes
Hold each stretch for thirty seconds rest for five seconds and then hold for another thirty.
Downward facing dog
Lying glute stretch
Pigeon Pose

Post your rounds to comments.



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2 Responses to Work out of the day

  1. Purvi says:

    glad you are posting this. i never thought i would say this, but i miss crossfit! i just love that “imabouttothrowup” feeling!

  2. brickhousemiami says:

    Thanks for the WOD! I’m going to do it and I’ll let you know how much it hurts. And the post workout high-lights.

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