Back at the Gym

I did my first workout in two weeks yesterday. I am still coughing and I haven’t finished all of my antibiodics, but i just couldn’t wait.

It was a terrible. I haven’t felt that level of oxygen deprivation for a long time.
The work out was:
1000 meter run
25 Over Head Squats – 95 lb
100 meter sprint
50 KB swings – 1.5 pood
100 meter sprint
25 burpees
200 meter sprint

My lungs didn’t hurt, and my heart didn’t feel like it was going crazy, but my body just quit when it came to the sprints. I have never not been able to will my body to run before. It wasn’t painful, my body just stopped me, I just could not do it.

I think the two week break plays into this somewhat, but I also think that diminished lung capacity is a big factor.

I felt pretty bad after the workout, and all i could envision was a pizza for dinner. After I recovered I got that much sought after emotional boost.

I feel like getting destroyed and taken down a notch like this every now and then is really good for my ego and my commitment. After working out seriously for four years I take for granted my ability, that should never be taken for granted and should be honored.


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