That which doesn’t kill me….

A study came out recently that says eggs wont kill you. In fact they are a part of a healthy diet because they are such a dense natural food.

Check it out here: Eat EGGS!


This is very different from nutrition common sense that so many of us grew up. About two years ago I started eating 2 – 3 eggs a day. At the same time I also started doing high intensity workouts. I’ve gotten two physicals in those two years and my cholesterol is right in the healthy range.

This is good news for lacto – ovo vegetarians who are trying to get a good amount of protein each day and stick to whole and healthy foods.

In other news: Sugar will KILL you!


Check out this article: Sugar KILLS!

Not only is sugar a killer it is also addictive hitting the pleasure centers in the brain in similar ways as cocaine and heroin.

Getting back tot he last post: If we know there is a destructive addictive substance out there what do we do?

I don’t want to make the comparison between sugar and cocaine because that just seems like a very quickly losing argument. I also know that the process of government regulation of drugs really is more about power and access to power for the dug producer than it is for public protection.

So how do we shift fundamental ideas in society in health and encourage people to make healthy choices, especially when all people have such a personal and cultural relationships to food.

I think these people have a pretty good idea: GRUB


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