Yelling at co-workers!

I just walked into my co-workers office and yelled at him. “I am never answering another question about fitness from you again,” I said and slammed the door.


He was hunched over his desk, cheeks smeared of with glowing orange “hot sauce” and a chicken wing was hanging out of his mouth. I don’t even know if he was breathing.


I often have lengthy conversations with this co-workers about workout routines, healthy eating, fitness etc. Usually after talking with him I see him a few hours later with a spoonful of ice cream poking out of his face.

But so what? So what about ice cream and wings. We are all on our own paths, we are all trying to figure out how to best live our lives: emotionally, politically, physically, spiritually.

When it comes down to it we all need to be making our own choices in relation to our health. And hopefully we are making the healthiest choice we can in any given moment. For some that will be getting the wings without the fries, others it will be eating only half a pint of ice cream, others it will be eating seeds and nuts as a snack, and salad as a meal.

The individuality of it all is fine and good for me. I guess i am left wondering why a lot of people have a lack of discipline when it comes to fitness. When i say lack of discipline I don’t mean that people are weak or lazy, I mean that it is so easy to fall off the best laid plan. Studies show this happens every year a couple of months after everyone’s New Years resolutions run out.

In relation to fitness I blame incorrect recently contrived common sense, I also blame infomercials, regular commercials, and marketing in general. One minute we are being sold an ab lounge and the idea that we can lounge about for a few minutes a day to get skinny and the next minute we are being sold supersized hamburgers. We live in bi-polar world here.

Understanding this how do we change behaviors that are based on bi-polar ideas while at the same time respecting where people are at. I know I need to be nicer. I know I need to figure this out. For some reason I think the answer is bigger than me and the chicken wings.


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